Bernie’s Mittens

What have been the stand-out moments from the past week? I guess the inauguration would be one, although I was watching it on my work PC as the kids had commandeered the TV for Thomas the Tank Engine. I tried the whole “important making of history” angle but it just didn’t wash. I did get out the ‘Biden-Harris’ posters and American flags they coloured in for the election but, as R pointed out “that was years ago, how can he just be becoming President now?” I sympathise. Since lockdown time has been moving very slowly.

I really did enjoy the inauguration though and I liked Biden’s speech. Really pleased to hear the word ‘truth’ and for him to be so clear and committed in terms of making a break from the previous administration and prioritising climate change and equality. I enjoyed all the singers as well, which is quite unusual for me with this sort of thing. Bernie Sanders (if you know me in real life you’ll know he’s a hero of mine) stole the show somehow, in his fantastic ethical mittens. If I ever, in this late stage of life, start my own rock band (spoiler: I won’t) I’ll call it Bernie’s Mittens. 

The inauguration has provided me with a superb poem for my first poem of the month, and I have an idea for tomorrow’s Music Monday that fits with the theme too.

Another stand out moment would be the snow day we had today. My part of the UK is mild and we have been known to go an entire winter without any snow, whereas my family all live further north. They usually send me photos of their snow drenched gardens in late January/early February while my trees are just starting to blossom. But today it was our turn, and most unexpected. We managed almost an hour out in it making a snowman and having a snowball fight with next door (socially distanced of course), before S decided he didn’t like being wet. Both boys decided they love lobbing snowballs at other people but are distraught when they themselves get hit. If I knew how to insert an eye roll emoji here I would do so.

The other highlight was reading the first Harry Potter book with the kids. Check out my review to know how it went.

I realise I’ve babbled a bit. So, to bring it back to books, here is a picture of my latest reading pile. I think I’m going to start with the Eleanor of Aquitaine book, having recently watched A Lion in Winter. It also has a fantastic sub-title, that’s put it at the top of my ‘must read’ list: By the Wrath of God, Queen of England. That sounds like a recommendation to me.

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