Back to school

I am having quite a chaotic time of it mentally at the moment. Work is busy, and there are the logistics of getting the kids both back into school. They each have a day to go in in full PE kit, then another day to go in in partial PE kit, and of course for each child it’s a different day as they’re in different years. Then there’s making sure I’ve ordered all the lunches in advance, and paid for breakfast club, and arranged my son’s emergency care plan in case he has a a seizure… and there’s ordering home testing kits for COVID, and making sure I have enough berries and mini cucumbers to send in for morning snack time… and there’s the staggered drop off and collection times for social distancing purposes, with the instruction that parents mustn’t turn up early or late for drop off, just at the precise time to avoid crowding. There’s an ADHD mind f**k if I ever I saw one. I haven’t mastered it yet, ranging from stupid early to legging it to the gates, and no in between. I struggle a lot with parenting, though mostly it has nothing to do with the actual kids.

Work is trundling on, and I am of course catching up with my blog because I have marking to do. Being the person I am I cannot mark quickly or superficially. I spend days and days putting it off, then days and days unable to concentrate on it, with the words just patterns on paper, not meaning anything in my head. Then it clicks and off I go, dedicating heart and soul into it, second guessing my marks, agonising over every decision. The picture shows my living room floor, on which I have lain sprawled on my stomach for most of the day, with piles of marking, some novels for when I am losing my mind, and the obligatory cup of tea.

Speaking of reading, I have just finished “Girl, woman, other” and absolutely loved it. A review will be appearing shortly. I am also about a third of a way through the other two books in the picture, both of which are good. I do struggle to read one book at a time and usually have a few on the go. I don’t think this is particularly an ADHD thing though, as I know a lot of keen readers do it.

In the wider world, what can I report? In my local town they are going to destroy more of our beloved green space to make way for new housing that nobody needs or wants. The residents have raised petitions with huge amounts of signatures. The town councils have both opposed it, and yet the county council will go ahead anyway, they always do. There was even an article in our local newspaper where they interviewed a local estate agent who was enthusiastic about how many homes are selling, and how everyone wants to live in our lovely town. Not exactly impartial news coverage. And then it mentioned, just as a side note, that he also happened to be a County Councillor. Well, there you go. In the words of Jed Bartlet “is it possible to be shocked and yet not entirely surprised at the same time?”

In the world beyond that ….far too much in the press about Harry and Meghan. The only headline I saw relating to it that resonated with me in any way was a daily mash headline that said “Monarchy in crisis because there is no f**king point to it whatsoever”. Amen to that.

I am working on some helpful links and resources to put on this blog, so it will be more of a help than just my random prattlings. I am also writing posts on diagnosis and medication, given that neither process has been easy for me, and I think sharing my experience will probably help. But they are works in progress, to appear at some undefined point in the future. Which sums up everything really.

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