first night out ‘after’ by Hollie McNish

One of my discoveries during this lockdown has been the wonderful Hollie McNish. If you haven’t yet discovered Hollie please take the time to follow her on facebook or to sign up to her upcoming tour. I am going to see her (fingers crossed…) and am so excited. I also recommend listening to her read her poems whether via her social media or audiobooks.

Here is a poem she recently shared on her facebook page which I particularly liked. I hope I am allowed to share it here.

first night out ‘after’

when this is done

at least done as much as viruses can linger

when fear is somewhat settled

as low as fear can lay/

when rooms are open once again

for friends to whisper close to mouths

music loud enough

for lean in conversations/

i will not hesitate again

to pull out from my wardrobe

those outfits bought but never worn

for fear the glitter twinkled

a little too excitedly

for simple flesh like mine

no longer! I will cry

throw the tracksuit to the floor

that I have worn for a whole year now

only taking off to wash

i will yank those glittered dresses

dust off the turquoise boots

ignore the mirror’s mocking

walk arm in arm with friends

as if the pavement to our local pub

were carpeted in red

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