Spring chaos and a sad lack of reading

Vase of flowers from my garden. Mimosa and triple daffodils.

This past month I have been very slow with the blogging. I keep drafting things to post, about diagnosis, medication, being a parent with ADHD… and many more. The things I need to write about and share but can’t quite work out how to say. I then went through a general ‘what’s the purpose of the blog?’/’it’s all vanity and ego’/’it’s a distraction from things I should be doing’ phase. All I can say is that I feel a need to write it, even if it is sometimes slow to come. So I will keep on with it. And if the need ever goes away, the blog will stop. And if it slows down for a bit because my focus isn’t there well… that’s that.

I also haven’t read much, which saddens me. My evenings in March were mostly spent snuggled in bed drinking beer and watching stuff on Netflix and All4. I have hit a great seam of early 00s comedy including Spaced and Black Books, which I love and haven’t seen for many years. I have very few celebrity crushes but Dylan Moran is definitely one that has endured, and I am probably in minority when I admit I actually have a bit of a crush on the character Bernard Black as well. Yes, he’s an exaggeration because it’s a comedy show, but honestly, he’s a kindred spirit! There’s far too much in that character that I recognise! I’m nicer, obviously, and chattier, but I am actually almost as messy (the shame of it), as baffled by account and record keeping (this part of his personality is not an exaggeration at all, I am exactly like that and back in the day when I was self employed I did genuinely consider injuring myself to get a tax return deadline postponement…) have been that much of an alcoholic in days gone by (thankfully not any more), and would love, love, love to own a bookshop and ban mobile phones from it.

So yeah, not much reading or blogging but plenty of Dylan Moran. Life could definitely be worse!

Spring is doing its hot/cold thing, making me into a very stressed gardener. ‘Can I put the Dahlias out?’/ ‘Yes I can look ,it’s warm’/’oh crap, it’s going down to minus 1 on Monday night’. That sort of thing. Lots of lovely little seedlings, nurtured lovingly in my battered plastic growhouse, bravely (rashly) planted out into flower beds and veg patch, just in time to get frozen to death. In the meantime though here are some pictures from the garden this week. I think I’m going to cut all the tulips and put them in vases in the house as I am not convinced they will survive either.

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