Jimi Hendrix – Live at the Newport Festival 22nd June 1969

As I am supposed to be educating my children in our spare time I thought I should start their musical and cultural education in earnest. So today we watched this. Had the whole set on the TV. The kids wandered in and out but mostly they were captivated, stopping by to dance, comment and ask questions. I don’t blame them. Everything about it is fab -the sun soaked atmosphere, the dogs on blankets, the crowd yelling at that photographer to get down!

R said this is his “favourite music ever” and that he wants to learn the guitar. S says the “guitar sounds crunchy and strong”. At one point they were both jumping and spinning round the living room in a mixture of break dancing and wrestling. 

I totally blew their minds by saying that the young people in the crowd are Grandma and Grandad’s age and older. “Even the pretty lady?”. “Yes, the pretty lady is about Grandma’s age now”. That got me sceptical, wide-eyed stares. “How old were you mummy?”. “I wasn’t born yet”. Wider eyes “Really? Not at all, not even a little bit born?” 

Ah, the passing of time. Tricky one to get your head round.

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