The Clockworks – Enough is Never Enough

I have been quiet on my blog lately. Partly because life is happening all around me and I can barely keep up, so there’s no time for reflection, or if there is it’s fleeting and I can’t pin it down and put it into words.

But I have been listening to a lot of music. And I have been getting angry about things, which I combat by escaping into music or, if I’m really lucky, into sleep.

It’s Black Friday today, so here’s a brilliant song to mark this sorry occasion.

Director: Oscar J Ryan Production Company: Head & Wrecker EP: Ash Teague Producer: Ellis Fox DOP: Emma Langguth AD: Dave Neale Editor: Beth Roberts Colourist: Jules Willeman Online: James Bradley 1st AC: Davide Scalenghe 2nd AC: Matthew Hollis Camera Trainee: Ben Keeling Sound Op: Charlie Hinde Gaffer: Kian Altmann Spark: Will Jensen Art Director: Annie Harmenston Runner: Freddie Reeve BTS: Daniel Bailey Graphics: Studio 108 Cast: Sean Ryan, Pete Howard, Jack Horwood

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Enough is Never Enough


The Clockworks


Enough is Never Enough

Licensed to YouTube by

The Orchard Music (on behalf of Creation 23), and 3 Music Rights Societies



It was a Tuesday And it was… bleak

Torn from the wreckage of a broken home

Only knows the love that he was shown

He barges into the Café he owns

To bark marching orders

At poor Kitchen Porters.

Fresh from the microwave,

A sandwich, thrown on a chipped plate

The kitchen is in a state,

There’s no need for pruning

When business is blooming

And his grandmother was a proud Filipino

Slips his mind as he

Dips his vote Into the world of a well known racist

Who explains it all in words he knows

These fingers were made for pointing

And enough is never enough

The busker boy’s chasing the dream

By the beggar with the card machine

And passing by the suit and tie wont cast an eye

Too fixated on a screen

And blessed are the meek I’ve heard them say but honestly

There’s no romance in poverty

When dinner is a novelty

And these fingers were made for pointing

And enough is never enough

Trudging Galway streets alone I can’t help thinking, not to blame, Romantic Ireland’s dead and gone

It’s with O’ Leary on the plane

And everybody loves to bitch

Factions speak louder than herds

When rags to riches

Turns wags to witches

Fine feathers don’t make fine birds

These fingers were made for pointing.

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