A Room Called Earth – Madeleine Ryan

A Room Called Earth by Madeleine Ryan

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I found this book both disappointing and frustrating. I wanted so much to like it as it had been recommended to me. I enjoy internal monologues, and I am actively seeking more neurodivergent perspectives, and I had a sense that I could have liked the character. However, the writing just didn’t do her justice or bring her to life. Though there were occasional moments of observation that stood out I found this book very flat, and so tedious it was actually difficult to read. The big houses, expensive parties, unpleasant people, and sheer materialism of the whole thing was also really offputting, and whilst I appreciate that she stands in contrast to that in some ways, she is also a part of it. The lengthy descriptions of this world (and lengthy descriptions of clothes -yawn) deadened anything else.

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